Effect of Magnesium Addition on Corrosion Resistance of Aluminum -17%Silicon Alloy


The electrochemical behavior of Al-17%Si alloy is investigated in 3.5wt% NaCl solution. Many alloys with addition of the different wt% magnesium metal of 1wt%, 2%, 3wt% ,4.5wt% ,and 9wt% were prepared by gravity die casting . The microstructures of prepared alloys were examined by optical and SEM microscopes. Corrosion behavior was investigated by using potentiostat instrument under static potentials test and corrosion current was recorded to determine corrosion resistance of all prepared samples. It was found that the addition of Mg metal improves the corrosion resistance of Al-17%Si alloy in 3.5%NaCl solution. The alloy containing 1%Mg shows less corrosion rate than the others while the alloys containing 4.5%Mg, 9%Mg content have the better pitting corrosion resistance than other alloys.