Morphology, Age and Growth of Barbus luteus (Heckel, 1843) in Swab marsh, south Iraq


Morphology, age and growth of Barbus luteus (Heckel, 1843) in Al-Suwaib marsh, south Iraq, were studied from December 2004 to November 2005. A total of 547 B. luteus (78-293mm TL) were collected using gill nets of different mesh sizes and electrical fishing. Twenty one morphometric and seven meristic characters were described. The morphometric characters were calculated as numerical ratio to standard and head lengths. Fish of 140-190mm length groups of B. luteus were dominants in the samples. Total length–weight relationship of B. luteus was W= 1.32 × 10-5 L 3.0074. The mean relative condition factor was 1.003. The annuli on scales formed during December and the growth of the scales were high during the period from February to August and were associated with water temperatures. The relation between standard length (L) and scale radius (S) was: L = 7.287 + 4.358 S. The age composition was ranged from 1 to 7. The standard lengths for these ages were 97.1, 123.7, 150.6, 174.1, 200.5 and 235mm respectively. The growth of B. luteus was within the growth of other Iraqi waters. The von Bertalanffy growth model was Lt = 350 (1-e -0.131 (t+ 0.374)).