Effect of magnetized water and spraying 0f IBA on the growth and flowering of Calendula officinalis L.


The research was conducted in a private greenhouse located at Al-Suwayra during agricultural season 2014/2015 to investigate the effect of Magnetized water and spraying the Auxin acid IBA (Indole Butric Acid) and their interaction on the vegetative and flowering growth of Calendula plants. Factorial experiment from two factors was designed , the first factor was two types of water (normal and magnetized water of three levels (500 , 1000 and 1500 GS) , while the second factor was spraying the plants with five concentrations of IBA (0.00 , 500 , 1000 , 2000 and 3000 mg.L-1). using C.R.D. design with 3 replicates. Results showed the that irrigation plants with magnetized water of (1000 and 1500 GS) and spraying the plants with IBA (2000 and 3000 mg.L-1) gave a significantly increasing in all studied characteristics expect number of flowering days , while the irrigation with normal water and spraying without Auxin gave lowest the average for all the studied characters expect number of flowering days.