Influence of water movement in accumulation of gypsic content of soils at Karbala


This study was conducted in Karbala – Heydarieh District21in Al hur district with a total area of 2604 Donaum used to grow crops in addition to the palm groves along left side of alrashdet river, we was deected 5pedons representative of region and were obtaining samples from every horizon after determining their coordinates to your GPS and alpedons horizons description describes the morphology of fundamentalism The current study included assessing content of gypsum accumulation occurring on impact of water movement in soils free area for Karbala province, and some chemical properties gypsum content as a result of the movement of water that were from top to bottom in the pedons soil 1 and 4 , while the backlog at high prospects as a result of the movement of water from the bottom to the top and high ground water level in the pedons soil 2,3 and 5 , which enhance concentration of calcium ions which were compatible with the accumulation of gypsum and water movement in soil .It also found a good relationship between gypsum content and conductivity coefficient .It also did not observed any effect of gypsum content on soil interaction