Effect of injection a various vitamins in ovo on productive performance and some blood characters of Japanese quails Coturnix japonica


This study was conducted at 4/3/2014 to 5/5/2014 in the animal production field which belong to the technical college AL-Mussaiab to investigate the effect of vitamins injection A,E,D, and ADE in eggs on some production traits .A total number of 720 Japanese quail eggs were used these eggs were allocated in to 6 treatment . The first treatment was negative control , the second treatment was injection by 50 micro liter of corn oil ( positive control ) , the third treatment injection by 50 microliter of vitamin A for each egg , the fourth treatment was injection by 50 microliter vitamin E / egg , the fifth treatment was injection 50 microliter vitamin D3 / egg and sixth treatment was injection by 50 microliter vitamins AD3E /egg . Result indicated a significant surpassing of vitamins injection treatments (3 rd,4 th ,5 th , and 6 th ) on chicks compared to in the control treatment (1 st and 2 nd ) in productive traits (body weight , weight gain , feed consumption and feed conversion ratio ). There was a significant surpass (P<0.05) of total protein level in injection treatments compared with the control treatments and the interaction between treatments and sex was significant , Glucose and Cholesterol level were not affected according to the treatment but females were significant surpasses on males in Cholesterol level .