Role of Materialized View Maintenance with On-line analytical Processing


The OLAP operation are very useful for application and query different dataset ,the operators aggregate data from variant levels which can be efficiently used for data presentation in data warehouse environment. Materialized view another important issues fore DW and OLAP operates, materialized views are found useful for fast query processing. The process of updating materialized view in response to change is a great challenge in data warehousing. Maintenance of materialized views efficiently with OLAP operators is also a challenge today in the field of RDBMS as well as data warehouse. In this paper, we discuss capabilities of OLAP operator, materialized view maintenance; achieve the principle of consistency MV with DW, view maintenance action with OLAP operators. The proposed system is implemented using Microsoft visual studio C#.NET2010programming language with embedded SQL server management studio 2008 R2, and all test results are found as close as they were expected. The results proved the correctness of system design and its reasonable considerations and choices.