The effect of the slums on the urban sustainability Planning suggestions for development


The slums of the biggest problems that threaten urban environment and their negative impact is compounded over time without radical solutions, That all the methods used to solve this problem carries negative aspects affected the sustainability of urban areas. Search attempted to investigate treatments that achieve sustainable urban development, both within the slums or in the surrounding urban areas. To reduce the negative aspects associated with the traditional treatments for this phenomenon, which Iraq is suffering from it, and become a phenomenon that spread in most Iraqi cities to form belts surrounding urban areas to cause a very serious implication, some of which can be treated, but mostly of the problems are difficult to treat because it affected the structure of the urban cities, Slums have become a feature of Iraqi cities in the current the transition It deformation cities. This phenomenon has affected the sustainable urban development directly and indirectly through a conflict of the most important pillars of sustainable development, Which is not inherited problems for future generations. Our cities , which was formed during the past decade will be passed on very large problems for future generations ,which will be difficult to solve unless we find some solutions that reduce their impact. After reviewing all kinds of treatments for this problem shows that the processors offered is appropriate for the Iraqi situation and put Search idea trade off(land versus time) and when comparing this strategy with the rest of the processors turned out to be treated better of the slums in Iraq to deal with slums and achieve sustainable urban development.