Determination of Some Biochemical Markers for Breast Cancer Women in Baghdad


The most important tumor that develops from breast tissue is breast cancer: signs may have , mass in the breast; variation in shape; skin dimpling; bloody discharge from the nipple. The present study was conducted to have a clearer integrative idea on the impact of expression of estrogen and progesterone receptor. In addition CA15-3, CA-125 in sera of women with breast cancer in baghdad is compared with a healthy normal population. The paper studies two groups including 100 breast cancer women by using immunohistochemical analysis for evaluation of the Estrogen receptor (ER) and progesterone receptor (PR). Moreover, the sera of samples have been quantitatively measured for CA15-3, CA-125 by using ELISA method.This study statistically showed increased level of CA-125 among the patients group (54.07± 7.19U/ml) in comparison with healthy control group (8.57±4.93U/ml) with a highly significant increase between them (p< 0.0001). While CA15-3 in sera of patients groups revealed that there was a significant increased between its level of patients (17.28± 8.38U/ml) in comparison with healthy control groups (11.45±8.36U/ml) (P=0.001). Analysis of data showed a trend toward increasing ER and PR expression with age. Especially in menopausal age between 47-57 years compared to other age groups. The conclusion of this study indicated that ER &PR is overexpressed in breast cancer women especially in age between (47-57) years and elevated level of CA125 and CA15-3 in breast cancer women.