Safety Measure Technique among Workers of Slaughtering Chicken Shops in Erbil ‎City‎-Iraq


Backgrounds: Precaution and safety measures are important for the workers, whom are dealing and slaughtering chicken or meat, Objectives: the oobjectives of this study is to identify knowledge and practices of workers regarding safety measures with slaughtering chicken, and identify association between some variables and safety measures.Methods: A descriptive study was carried out on 100 workers in the poultry sectors and slaughtering shops, standard questionnaire was used for data collection, an approval was taken from nursing college, and administrative arrangements was done from general health directorate and municipality office in Erbil, the study began in 1st July- 2015 to December 31st -12-2015 ‎, SPSS program was used for data analysis by using descriptive and inferential statistical.Results: The study revealed that majority of sample study have poor knowledge and practices regarding safety measures used, and there is no significant association between most of demographic characteristics and safety measures, while there is significant association between years of experiences and safety measures used.Conclusion: The study indicated that the majority of the workers have poor knowledge and practices about safety measures, and there was significant association between years of experiences and safety measures. Recommendations: the study recommended to create program for training workers in poultry sectors by the cooperation with ministry of health and ministry of municipality to increase knowledge and risk perceptions and practices regarding safety measures use, monitoring and follow up the workplaces by the general directorate for health and municipality office, and regulation the working in this field by application laws and health certificate.