Effect of Acidic and Energy Drinks on Surface Roughness of Three Types of Bulk Fill Composite Materials


Background: This study aimed to study the effect of some acidic drinks (Vinegars and fresh Orange juice) and energydrinks (Red bull) on surface roughness of three types of bulkfill composite materials: Filtek posterior bulkfill (3M),Sonicfill (Kerr) and Filtek p60 (3M).Materials and Methods: Total number of 120 samples are prepared by using a mold of (12mm diameter and 3mmheight), which were divided into three groups forty samples for each group: Group A: Filtek bulkfill posteriorcomposite (3M), Group B: Sonicfill composite (Kerr), Group C: Filtek P60 (3 M) which then divided into four sub- groups(n=10) (1) samples were kept in distilled water as a control group (2) samples were immersed in Redbull (3) sampleswere immersed in fresh Orange juice (4) samples were immersed in Vinegars. Immersion of samples were mademanually for 5 seconds for 10 cycles at room temperature daily for one month then surface roughness was measuredby the use of profilometer ,The data were recorded and statistically analyzed, by the ANOVA and the Tukey test.Results: Data were statistically analyzed using ANOVA and Tukey test which revealed that there were a highsignificant (p<0.001) increase in surface roughness of the three composite materials after immersion in Vinegar andRedbull drinks after one month with highest value for Filtek Bulkfill posterior composite (3M), than Sonicfill composite(Kerr) and Filtek p 60 (3 M) and there was non-significant difference (p> 0.05) in surface roughness value for the threecomposite materials after immersion in Fresh orange juice.Conclusions: The effect of energy and acidic drinks depend upon exposure time, composition of the compositematerial