A Study the Effect of Addition of Silanized Zirconium Oxide Nanoparticles on Some Properties of High-Impact Heat-Cured Acrylic Resin


Background: The incorporation of rubber has not been entirely successful because it can have detrimental effectson the transverse Strength and hence the rigidity of the denture base.Materials and methods: Zirconium oxide nanoparticales were coated with a layer oftrimethoxysilylpropylmethacrylate (TMSPM) before sonication in monomer (MMA) with the percentages 3% byweight then mixed with powder using conventional procedure.(100) samples were prepared and divided into fivegroups according to the test performed ,Each group consisted of 20 specimens and these were subdivided into 2groupsGroup (A): control group (10 specimens of high impact acrylic resin without zirconium oxide) and Group(B):zirconium oxide group(10 specimens of high impact acrylic resin with 3% wt zirconium oxide).The testsconducted were impact strength, transverse strength, indentation hardness(shore D), surface roughness, watersorption and solubility. The results were statistically analyzed using Dunntt t-test.Results: Highly significant increase in impact strength and transverse strength occurred with the incorporation of 3%wt Zirconium oxide nanofiller. A highly significant increase in surface hardness, but the water sorption and solubilitywere significantly decreased with the addition of silanized (ZrO2) Nano particles compared with the control group.nosignificant statistical difference in surface roughness.Conclusions: The addition of silanized ZrO2 Nano particles to high impact heat cure acrylic resin material improves theimpact strength, transverse strength and surface hardness of high-impact heat-cure acrylic resin at the same timethis addition decreases water sorption and solubility. On the other hand there was no change in surface roughnesswith the addition of 3% wt of silanized ZrO2Nano particles