The Effect of LED Light on Depth of Cure and Microhardness of Three Types of Bulkfill Composite


Background: To evaluate the ISO depth of cure of bulkfill composites and depth of cure which determined byVickers microhardness test.Materials and Methods: Bulkfill resin composite specimens (n=150) were prepared of three bulkfill compositematerials (TetricEvo Ceram, Quixfil and SDR) and light cured by Flash max p3 for 3, 10, 20 seconds and by woodpecker for 10, 20 seconds respectively, a mold was filled with one of the three bulkfill composites and light cured.The specimens removed from the mold and scraped by plastic spatula and the remaining length (absolute length)was measured which represent the ISO depth of cure. After that the specimens were returned into the mold and amicrohardness indentation device applied on the specimen and hardness measurements (Vickers hardness, VHN)were made at defined distance, beginning at the resin composite that had been closest to the light curing unit ( the top) and proceeding toward the uncured resin composite (i.e. toward the bottom) on the basis of the VHNmeasurement, Vickers hardness test generated for each group.Results and Conclusion: ISO depth of cure of bulkfill composite materials is time and type of light curing protocoldependent rather than type of material of bulkfill composite while the depth of cure determined by Vickershardness number is material dependent in addition to the light curing protocol