Anti-bacterial Susceptibility Patterns of Acinetobacter baumannii Isolated From Urine of Pregnant Women in Baghdad


This study was aimed to determining prevalence of A. baumannii in pregnant women of different trimester with urinary tract infection (UTIs) and their antibiotics susceptibility patterns. The total of 167 samples which include; the specimens of urine, collected from 167 pregnant women in different trimester who admitted at Ibn Al baladi Hospital in period from January – June, 2015 were isolation and identification bacteria depending on bacterial culture and Vitek system, A.baumannii isolated from 16 samples.Antimicrobial susceptibility testing was performed for eight different antibiotics by disk diffusion method (Kirby Bauer). A total of 16 isolated (9.0%) were Positive culture for UTI was high percentage in First pregnancy 37.7% , followed identified as in second pregnancy, so third group (26- 30 year) occupied first order as 40%. A. baumannii has 12.3% percentage were positive results to catalase and citrate, while negative for each of Oxidase ,Indole ,Urease ,Lactose ,Motility and Hemolysin production , as well as Kliglar iron agar test gave Alkaline slant / bottom no change / no gas/ -H2S. So A. baumannii higher percentage 50% in the second trimester, As well as all isolated were resistant to Tetracycline (100%), but sensitivity for Piperacillin (87.5%). This study conclud A. baumanii high isolates in First pregnancy and high percentage in third group (26- 30) years, So these pathogenic bacteria higher percentage in second trimester ,As well as all isolated were resistant to Tetracycline, but sensitivity for Piperacillin .