The role of language in increasing the efficiency of the performance of employees   In the tourism sector A field study on the Palestine Hotel and the international Alasdair


Human resources are very important element in tourism development, for tourism sector depends on special human resources in introducing the services, different services to different people from different countries, and from this point we need the language and more than one language in order to understand the guest who is coming from foreign country, in that way we can introduce best quality of services, and the first impression is very important when the guest feels comforted when he find many of the workers knew his language, so when the guest need anything else we can understand him easily also we can knew what he need right now and what the needs in the future.The language is very important for the employee because it help them to get more information through reading in many languages or using the internet and knowing the recent developments in tourism hospitality, best methods of introducing services, the tradition of many countries, what they like and what they hate, what they wish and what they need, these details are very important because this provides qualifying the employees in the hospitality sector with language skills will definitely result in developing the quality of the services he offers to the guests, knowing the language of guest makes it easily to communicate with him and attract him.