Study Eosin Dye Adsorption on the Surface Waste of Molasses Dates Production


In this paper has been removed from the Eosin dye aqueous solutions on the surface Plant (waste of molasses dates production). It was determined to equilibrium time the process of adsorption and found that (90 min.) Spectroscopy using ultraviolet - visible rays and the results showed that the best weight for the surface of the adsorbent is (0.2 g). Moreover, the study was conducted in a range of acidic state (pH = 1-10). Isotherm been used (for Langmuir, Freundlich, Dubinin, Temkin) as it was found that the best Isotherm is Isotherm Dubinin. And the amount of adsorption was calculated in the range of temperatures (20-40 oC) and found that the amount of adsorption decreased with increasing temperature and this shows that the interaction exothermic was calculated valuable thermodynamic functions and was conducted kinetic study of the adsorption and found that the adsorption follows the equation second false constants were calculated velocities and thermodynamic functions activation of front and reverse reaction