Risk Factors for Varicella Prevalence Among Primary School Children in Al-Dora City (Southern Baghdad)


Chickenpox is a viral disease caused by a virus called varicella zoster (VZ). Chickenpox cases were counted in Al-Dora city (southern Baghdad). Data of disease was obtained from the records of Bilat Al-Shuhadaa health center at the period from January to July 2012. Diagnosis of cases was achieved by the physicians of the health center. Studied risk factors were including the gender, address, school and age. Total of cases recorded was 73cases (66.9 per 100,000) populations for seven months. Males reported cases were 48 (65.7%) while female’s cases were 25(34.3%). The highest reported cases were signed in Al-Mhdia-1 sector (24.6%).Also highest reported cases were signed in Al-Mhdia primary school (17.8%). Most VZ cases were reported in the age group of (7-10) years (49.3%). The aim of the study is to determine the occurrence of chickenpox cases in Al-Dora city and try to know the causes of disease prevalence.