Historical geography of the city of Barcelona Andalusian In the Middle Ages


Barcelona city located in the north-east of the Iberian Peninsula on the Mediterranean, was inaugurated in the year 94 AH / 712 AD, then transformed into a base for Islamic armies crushed in Gaul country , and continued under Muslim rule about ninety years to be able to Christians then restored, the first stomata Andalusian, which fell to the Christians in the year 185 AH / 801 AD.Hence the importance of the historical significance of geographical study of this city, which contributed to the early in the fall, he has touched on her name and Achtqaqath according to what is stated in the sources available to us, then the location and boundaries and distances between them and the mothers of the Andalusian cities, as reported in Arab sources, and we dealt with the economic activity of agriculture and industry, minerals, trade and research to address some aspects of social life of the city of Barcelona, such as the attributes of the population, their language and the role of the Jews, as well as the most important effects in them