Social intelligence and its impact on the loyalty of the guest (Applied research in the mixed sector hotels in Baghdad)


The relationship between the guest and the hotel is governed by many factors that play a direct and indirect role to limit and demolish his loyalty to the hotel services or develop this relationship to achieve a sort of cordiality and loyalty to the hotel services .Attaining the peak of this relationship and getting the guest's highest degree of loyalty is not out of nothing but it is a mixture of many factors some of which are related to social intelligence. The problem of the research lies in the limitedness of interest in and knowledge of this kind of intelligence in an industry the success of which depends on the human touch and on dealing with others with respect and cordiality, The research presents this problem through many questions that focus on the extent of the relationship between the social intelligence and guest's loyalty, And in order to answer these questions the research chooses for its application the hotels of the mixed sector in the city of Baghdad through a deliberately chosen sample of (105) subjects who are in direct contact with the guest :( executive manager and his assistants, managers of departments and sections and their assistants , and bosses of other activities).The researchers collected the data mainly from the sample using the form of the questionnaire which consists of (75) items distributed on the main and the minor variables of the research. through the results of those data research found in one of the conclusions to be loyal visitors optimal state aspires organizations hotel attainable and from the pillars to achieve this is the level of social intelligence among employees. The research suggests the following recommendations : It is necessary that the hotel managements give more attention to social intelligence of their staff when employing them or when promoting them to a higher rank