The effect of adding single walled carbon nanotube with different concentrations on mechanical properties of heat cure acrylic denture base material


Background: The most widely used material for fabrication of denture base is poly methyl methacrylate, despite itspopularity, the main problems associated with it as a denture base material are poor strength particularly underfatigue failure inside the patient mouth, impact failure outside the patient mouth, which are the main causes forfracture of denture, several studies was done to increase mechanical properties of denture base. The present studywas conducted to evaluate and compare the effect of addition single walled carbon nanotubes in differentconcentrations to polymethyl methacrylate on some mechanical properties (surface hardness, surface roughness,impact strength and transverse strength).Materials and methods: Forty eight samples were prepared for pilot study divided into four groups according to theconcentrations of singled walled carbon nanotubes ( 0%, 0.5%, 1% & 1.5%) added to heat cure acrylic resin , eachgroup was divided into four subgroups according to the tests conducted (Surface hardness , surface roughness,impact strength and transverse strength) and the results obtained were evaluated to determine the concentrationof singled walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTS) that improve the mechanical properties of heat cure acrylic resin tobe used to complete our study, so another 80 samples were made divided into two main groups (0% SWCNTS ascontrol group) and (1.5% SWCNTS test group) and all the tests were done again.Results: Impact strength and transverse strength were significantly increased after adding 1.5% SWCNTS While surfacehardness was significantly decreased and surface roughness was non-significantly affected when compared withcontrol group.Conclusions: Impact strength and transverse strength of hot cure acrylic resin reinforced with 1.5% SWCNTS weregreatly increased