Applications of Variational Iteration Method for Solving A Class of Volterra Integral Equations


In this paper, one type of Volterra integral equations (VIEs) is classified as nth-order VIE of fourth-kind. This class of nth-order, fourth-kind VIE usually occurs in many fields of physics and engineering. A new iteration technique is proposed to solve a class of Volterra integral equations. The nth-order VIE of fourth-kind is converted to nth-order ordinary differential equation (ODE). The ODE is solved by using variational iteration method (VIM). It shows that the variational iteration method (VIM) is efficient and powerful integrator for dealing with this class of integral equations. Some examples are solved to illustrate the effectiveness and simplicity of the proposed method.The comparison of the results using VIM with analytical solutions reveals that VIM is very effective, convenient and quite accurate to both linear and nonlinear problems.