Validity of Dujaila River Water within Wasit Governorate - Central Iraq


Dujaila River is one of the Tigris River branches, its length is 69.45 km, 15 m width and 2.80 m depth, and discharge rate is 42.15m3/Sec. The river provides the water share for 396 thousand Acres.The primary objective of this study is to evaluate the suitability of water resources, for various purposes in the Dujaila River, Wasit Governorate-central Iraq. Physical and chemical properties have been investigated for 9 surface samples of the period August 2015- March 2016. The tests have been taken for the water major ions, total dissolved solids, electrical conductivity and acidity .Results indicated that the river water is classified as fresh water, according to the total dissolved solid (TDS), which its value ranges between (665-688) ppm in low water season, too (520-575) ppm in high water season, and showed that the Dujaila River water suitable for all purposes. Moreover, all of the water sample types were (Ca+2- sulfate).