The Suggested Mutual Correlation between Ionospheric Parameters for Long Distance Radio Wave Communications


In this research, the mutual correlations between ionospheric parameters (MUF, OWF and LUF) have been suggested. The datasets of the MUF and OWF parameters have been generated using ASAPS international communication model, while the LUF parameter has been calculated using the REC533 model. The calculations have been made for the connection links between the capital Baghdad and many other locations that spread over the studied zone (Middle East region). The annual time of the years (2009 & 2014) of solar cycle 24 has been adopted to make the investigation in order to get the mutual correlation between ionospheric parameters. The test results of the annual correlation between ionospheric parameters showed that the mutual correlation between MUF & OWF is simple and can be represented by a linear regression equation, while the mutual correlations between (MUF & LUF), (OWF & LUF) can be represented by a fourth order polynomial equation (Quartic Polynomial Equation). The results of the conducted study showed that there was a good fit between ionospheric parameter values that have been generated using the suggested mutual correlation equation and the results generated from the international communication models and the international recommended criterion.