Analytical Study of the Optimum Traffic Frequency for the HF Communications over Iraqi zone


In this project, the analyses for the dataset of the Optimum Traffic Radio Frequency parameter (FOT) have been made which lies within the range of HF-band (3-30 MHz). The values of the FOT parameter have been calculated using the (VOACAP) international modern communication model. In this analytical study, Iraq has been selected to be the region of study. So, the capital "Baghdad" has been chosen to represent as station while other thirty different locations distributed over Iraqi zone were represented as receiving stations. In this research, the influence of the time and orientation factors on the FOT parameter have been studied for the maximum and minimum solar cycle years 200. and 2009. The results of the influence of the time factor showed a slit variation on the values of the FOT parameter, also the impart of the orientation factor was clear especially during summer time.