Effect of Vapor Grad spraying and irrigation intervals on some growth criterions and yield of corn (Zea mays L.)


A field experiment was carried out during two autumn seasons, of 2013 and 2014 in Ramadi City/AL-Anbar province (first season experiment was conducted in field at north of Ramadi and the second season experiment was conducted in field at east of Ramadi) on corn plant (Zea mays) cv. 5018 .The lay out of the experiment was RCBD under split-split design with three replicates. The experiment included studying effects of two factors: Vapor Gard spraying with three concentrations (0, 1 and 2) ml.l-1 and irrigation periods at (5, 7 and 9) days when depleted available water by 55,65and 75%, and their interaction on growth and yield criterion of corn plant. The results showed that there was a significant effect of vapor Gard concentration W2 (2ml. l-1) in traits of plant height, leaf area, average of grain number per cob, weight of 1000 grains and grain yield, of (213.11 and 205.3) cm, (4969 and 4802) cm2, (720.2 and 715.3) grain.cob-1, (209.11 and 200.3) g, (9.94 and 9.25) t . ha-1, for each seasons, respectively. However, the 5 days irrigation interval was most superior over the other by (203.44 and 205.3) cm, (4528 and 4802) cm2, (689.2 and 679.9) grain.cob-1, (205.42 and 197.4) g, (8.99 and 8.61) t.ha-1. The results indicated that the interaction between W2 concentration level (2ml.l-1) and 5 days irrigation was more effective in increasing studied growth and yield traits.