Compared to the modified pivot irrigation and irrigation Alchrista in some water standards for soil and yield of wheat.Triticum aestivum L.


Afield experiment was conducted in a silty loam soil at Anbar University, College of Agriculture, in Ramadi city in fall season 2013-2014 to study the compared to the modified pivot irrigation and surface irrigation in some water standards of the soil. The study also aimed to find a crop coefficient values following the style of the modified pivot irrigation. The lay out of the study was according to RCBD with three replicates. It was to determine the water consumption actual of crop wheat calculated way gravimetric and calculated theoretically evaporation data E pan Class A in determining the value evapotranspiration system mobile drip irrigation, compared with the calculated following the surface irrigation of and calculated according equation AL-gbare- Samhan modified for equation Blany-Criddle based on data climate available from the body poker by Iraqi air in Ramadi, and the possibility of their application in accordance with the climatic conditions of our country. The results showed that the rate water consumption calculated gravimetric way through the growing season wheat crop decreased when you follow the method of the modified pivot irrigation 336.4 mm. compared to 443.15 mm at surface irrigation and 328.7 mm when applying equation AL-gbare- Samhan. After calculation the water consumption actual according to the depleted soil moisture the way the weight, and then the crop coefficient were obtained on the new values of the climate of this region are: 0.65 and 0.80 and 0.92 and 0.39 for the four stages of growth of stage vegetative growth stage of endometriosis and stage of flowering stage maturity respectively. Increased productivity was significantly in the treatment of the modified pivot irrigation, reaching 5.360 compared with 4.230 tons. Ha-¹ in continuous irrigation Alchrista.