Aesthetic awareness among teachers of kindergarten


All - Mighty Allah is beautiful and loves beauty and Man is the only living that is given by the gift of Almighty Allah the ability to awareness of beauty and the taste of everything which recognized by him around all aspects of life. So the children have more ability than others towards feeling the sense of beauty and the distinction between the beautiful and the ugly understanding , as they are attracted to the beauty , so we should promote and encourage their sense of beauty in future the beauty in behavior , in psychology and in the community, as well.This is definitely be done through all of the surrounding for children, especially by kindergarten teacher that set an example emulated by the child, and thus has to be a kindergarten teacher can be characterized by the awareness of aesthetic of kindergarten teacher towards the children, and the high level of aesthetic awareness of the parameters contributing to the aesthetic taste in children's development.Based on the above, the researchers developed a goal following:-﴿Detection aesthetic awareness among kindergarten teachers ﴾For the purpose of achieving the objectives of the current research, the researchers has prepared measure to measure the aesthetic awareness of kindergarten teachers , It has been applied on the sample which consisted of (400) teachers of the Teachers of kindergarten in the city of Baghdad .The current study has found the followin that kindergarten teachers as a sample of research are enjoying with high-consciously aesthetic , The study also sets several recommendations and proposals, including the following:-1.The need to develop a program to promote aesthetic awareness among kindergarten teachers.2. Attention to aesthetic education for kindergarten teachers.