Effect of Nitrogen Fertilizer on Growth and Yield of Two Hybrids of Summer Squash "Amjed and Jamelah" Cultured under Greenhouse


Experiment was conducted during winter season of 2014-2015 at green house in the research station of college of agriculture-Basrah University to study the effect of Urea with different levels and different times (Kg.donum-1)(0),(40,80 one time),(80,160 divided with two times) on growth and yield of two hybrids of summer squash "Amjed and Jamelah". The experiment design was a factorial split one time by randomized complete block design in three replicates .Means were compared by variance analysis with LSD test 0.05 level. Results showed that Jamelah hybrid was superior in plant length, total leaves number, total leaves chlorophyll and sex ratio compared with Amjed hybrid while Amjed hybrid superior in leaves area compared with Jamelah hybrid. Fertilizer treatments caused a significant effect on all studied characteristics compared with control treatment and the most effective concentration was 160 Kg Urea.donum-1 which divided into two equal, the first after one month from germination and the second after two weeks from the first gave high yield.plant-1 and yield.M-2(2.946,14.028)Kg. The interaction between study factors was significant in most studied characteristics