Single Degree of Freedom Analysis Method forSteel BeamsUnder Blast PressureUsing Nonlinear Resistance Function with Strain Rate Effects


This paper presents and validates a single degree of freedom (SDOF)analysis method of steel beamssubjected to airs blast loadsinduced by explosions. The method usesa quasi-static non-linear resistance function of beams under uniformly distributed pressure.The non-linear resistance function has been implemented in a single degree of freedom analysis procedure to determine the nonlineardisplacement –time history of the steel beams subjected to air blast pressure.Strain rate effects have been accounted for usingthe well-known Cowper Symonds equation by differentiating the corresponding strain rate equations. Thesuggested SDOF analysis method was validated against the available experimental tests results using two W sections steel beams subjected to different values of the blast pressures and impulses. The validation results have indicated the accuracy and reliability of the suggested method to predict the nonlinear response of steel beamsunder transverse air blast pressure.