Effects of grape seed oil (Vitis vinifera) on fertility of male local rabbits


The study was conducted to investigate the effect of (Vitis vinifera) grape seed oil on testosterone, FSH and LH hormones concentration, in addition to investigate the histopatho-logical effects on the testis and epididymis of male local rabbits. Twenty four male rabbits weighing (1450-1550) grams were divided into three equal groups. G1 the control group was gives only (0.2) ml tap water orally, while G2, and G3 were gives grape seed oil orally (0.1) ml/kg, and (0.2) ml/kg BW respectively, once daily for (1) month. Results were found that the administration of grape seed oils produce no significance decrease (P>0.05) in FSH, and LH concentration, while a significance (P<0.05) decrease of testosterone levels, besides inducing too many deleterious effects in the histopathological structure of the testes and epididymis. Key words: Grape seed oil, testosterone, FSH, LH.