Diagnostic Indications for Upper GIT Endoscopy Prospective Study


background: Upper GIT endoscopy is considered a safe procedure performed by a doctor, a well-trained subspecialist who uses the endoscope to diagnose and, in some cases, treat problems of the upper digestive system.Aim: to set a guideline for indications for upper GIT endoscopy in AKadhymiah Teaching Hospital.Materials And Methods: Prospective study of 600 patients presented with upper GIT symptoms and referred for upper GIT endoscopy. Results & Discussion: The results suggest the importance of symptoms indicating upper GIT endoscopy are in the following orders, dysphagia, acidity, melaena, vomiting, haematemesis, heartburn, nausea, epigastric pain and dyspepsia. The highest age incidence with positive endoscopic findings is between 30-40years ,male more than female, (male/female ratio 2/1). Conclusion: The duration of symptoms over 1 month found to be significant indication. There is no relation between smoking, alcohol or drug intake with endoscopic findings in our study