The genetic bases of aggression and violence: Part one- role of the chromosomes


Aggression and violence are behavioral problems rejected by the society if they are used in an inappropriate time or place. The bases and causes of aggression or violence have been discussed for decades and continued till now. Some- times the environmental factors become accepted more than the genetic factors as a risk factor for aggression, while in another time the genetic factors win the predominance by introducing accepted evidence. This study enlightened the role of genetic factors either they are chromosomal or at gene level on the development of aggression. Part one of this study focused on the relation between chromosomal changes (Klinefelter syndrome, Jacobes syndrome and telomeres length) and aggression, violence and other risky psychological disorders. This study concluded that genetic factors )chromosomal alterations) are one of the main risk factors for aggression, violence, crime and their related psychological and mental disorders.