Combining Ability , Gene Action and Some Genetic Parameters of Diallel Crosses of Maize (Zea mays L.)


Ten genotypes of maize were used in this study which were( ZP-341. ZP-434 Drachma , Farnce-44 , NKVitorino , Klips ,Corina, Ronaldino-200 ,Dkc-5684 ,Zp600).Entered in half –diallel cross program according to a method of griffing . the seeds of parents and crosses were grown in a randomized completely block design R.C.B.D with three replicate , to study the combining ability , gene action and some genetic parameters for the number of days to silking and tasseling , plant height , leaf area and leaf area index , rows number per ear , kernels number per raw , 100 kernels weight and grain yield per plant). Results of Statistically analysis indicated that there were highly significant differences among genotypes means for all studied character results of genetic analysis showed that (MSgca) and (MSsca) in diallel for reciprocal crosses were high significant for all studied characters . the ratio of the variance component for all characters except the number of days silking male and tasseling . the values of (σ2