Effect of Foliar Spray With Disper Bloom GS Nutrient And KT-30 Cytokinin on Some Vegetative Growth Characteristics and Mineral Content of Grapevines (Vitis vinifera L.) Cv.s Halawn and Black Balad.


The experiment was conducted through the season 2015 in private orchard in Samarra/ Salah aldin Governorate to know Disper Bloom GS spraying effect on grape vine with concentration (0, 2, 4 gm. L-1) and Growth regulator KT-30 spraying effect on some plants with concentration (0.00, 0.25, 0.50 ml-1). in vegetative growth of grape vine Halawni & Bald Black Verities. The results showed : Halawni had superiority in leave area, branch, vine, cluster area reached succiffement while Bald black had superiority nitrogen percent in petiole, phosphorous percent but not significant level. The third concentration Of nutrient vegetative characters . K3 had superiority in leave area, vine area, cluster area and petiole percent of nitrogen and potassium. while the second concentration K2 (0.25 ml. l-1) had superiority in branch leaves area, phosphorous percent in petioles reached. ama on bilateral interaction and triple overlap there were significant differences as a result of these interaction .