Effect of Fenugreek Seeds on Milk Yield and Its Contents and Some Blood Parameters in Awassi Sheep


The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of fenugreek seeds on milk yield and its contents and some blood biochemical parameters . Sixteen Awassi ewes were divided into four groups according to cross over design and fed on four rations contained different levels of fenugreek seeds (0, 3 , 6 and 9%) . Each experimental period lasted for 14 day , and milk yield was recorded on day 13 and 14 . Blood samples was taken at the end of each period . to determine the concentration of glucose , total protein , albumin triglycerides , cholesterol and urea . The results indicated that the fenugreek seeds has no effect on daily milk yield . A significant decrease in milk fat ratio and daily fat yield (P<0.01) was detected in groups fed on rations containing fenugreek seeds . Moreover , significant (P<0.05) decrease milk protein% was noted in group fed on ration contained 3% fenugreek seeds . Milk lactose and total solid not fat ratio did not effected by fenugreek seeds . However, blood glucose , cholesterol , triglycerides and albumin were significantly affected by fenugreek seeds , while protein and urea concentration did not effected by fenugreek seeds.