The Statistic and Rhetoric Harmony in the Quranic Expression


AbstractThe subject of this research is" The statistical and Rhetorical Harmony", it deals with one of the rhetorical inimitability phenomena in the Holy Quran and treys to reveal and examine some of the aspects of this harmony, and exhibit its meaning and purpose considering the linguistical status to which the Quranic text is belonging as a statistical expression to affect the receiver.The research nature involves to show the reason that made the statistical inimitability the first and the most impotent aspect of the Quranic inimitability.After the introduction, the researcher deals with the linguistical meaning of harmony, the examples of the scientists and researchers show the strong relation between these two meanings via explaining harmony, that is all what lead to harmony between term and meaning, the harmony between the Sura's ends with the following Sura`s beginnings. The first topic is the statistical harmony, it aims at reveaing the Quranic use of the terms that came in a harmonized numbers or what is called" The numerical inimitability in the Holy Quran" The rhetorical harmony by which many aspects are meant, is studied in the second topic. The most important aspect of it is using so many terms, rather than other, especially the" Synonym" to achieve its exact meanings.The research is ended with the results which the researcher concluded and which may be summarized as following:The statistical and rhetorical harmony in the Holy Quran proved that each term and each letter, in the Quranic expression, had been put technically and deliberately and can not be deleted or be added to other and that denied the common that the Holy Quran had been collected or gathered during Auttomon bin Afan's era.This harmony refers to the absence of what is called synonymy because the Holy Quran had distinguished between the term's meanings which is described by many researchers as synonymous , such as dream and vision, oath and swearing, husband and woman ,in addition, it proves that those who were away from the real or deep meaning of the Quranic expression and do not recognize its beauty are those who were not expert in rightful Arabic Language and did not know its ways and methods of expression.