Response of Two Hybrids of Tomato (Lycupersicun esculentum Mill) to Four Concentration of Humic Acid Fertilizers in Plastic House Condition


The experiment was conducted in greenhouse at the vegetable research farm of Horticulture Department, College of Agriculture/ University of Dohuk- Iraq, subsidy with the MCC-ZSVP organization, interior the plan of tomato crop production during the growing season of 2015-2016, to investigate the effects hybrids (Royal & Sandra) and humic acid (0, 0.4, 0.8 & 1.6) g.l-1 on growth and yield of Tomato (Lycopersicum esculentum, Mill.) grown under plastic house condition. Results showed that Royal hybrid had significant increase in some vegetative (leaves area cm2, plant high m and chlorophyll) and majority yield characters (No. of fruit f.plant-1, plant yield kg.plant-1, early yield and total yield t.ha-1), while Sandra hybrid had significant increase in (fruit weight g and total acidity%), there were no significant effect of hybrids on yield characteristic (vitamin c, TSS, N, P and K) % in fruit . Spraying tomato with humic acid concentration significantly increase vegetative growth like (leaves area cm2, plant high cm and chlorophyll %), and also humic acid increased quantitative and qualitative yield characters especially 0.8g.l-1 (No. of fruit f.plant-1, plant yield kg.plant-1, early yield t.ha-1, total yield t.ha-1, TSS% and N% in fruit), while 1.6g.l-1 of humic acid had higher increased K% in fruits, where as no significant differences occurred in (fruit weight g, vitamin C, total acidity % and P% in fruit).