Cloud Computing it’s Concept and Applications in Libraries & Information Centers


With the development of new technology, the appearance of new generation of the internet (Web 2 & Web3), and the increase of the internet speeds. most of information institutions gone to use the new technology which named (cloud computing technology ) which offers for the users several advantages such as:Cost savings and providing information services to the largest users, it also provides the users and the information institutions the possibility of the storing, processing , circulating and sharing of information from anywhere at It is accomplished all of these measures (storage, processing, transferring and participation) from external servers which available on the internet cloud, while ensuring the security of such information and keeping it from the excesses of hackers or viruses.Libraries and information centers are not far from benefiting of these technologies, many of them opted to participate in computerization projects which made available through some of institutions that allocate their services for libraries, such as Dura Cloud project (Khafaja,.2010).This study discusses the concept of cloud computing , its objectives and components, a number of applications in the field of libraries and information centers has been addressed, statement of some global the nature of services provided has been discussed