Response of Rhizobium bacteria Sinorhizobium. To using each of iron EDTA and its Effect on Growth plant Medicago sativa and produced from (NPK)


study the effects of iron on growth of Rhizobium and on growth and yield of Medicago sativa plants inoculated with this Rhizobium. The objective of the experiment, which was to investigate the interaction effects of using three levels of each of iron EDTA (2, 5 and 10 kg Fe.ha-1) on the viable counts of strains.The experiment was carried out under field conditions at shatra experimental station during 2013-2014 season, to evaluate, the effects of inoculation Medicago sativa plants rhizobia under similar levels of Fe used in the experiment on growth and yield of the plants and nitrogen treatment 280kg N. ha-1. During the flowering stages number and weight of nodule and dry matter weight were recorded, while plant height and N, P and K content in seeds and shoots.The results obtained from the experiment could be summarized as follows:1.Inoculated plants had higher measurements in all examined plant parameters than the uninoculated ones.2.Application of Fe caused in a significant increase in all tested parameters significantly by adding P.