The role of fungi phosphate and organic matter dissolving into melting the phosphate rock and it is action in the growth of the wheat plant


The experment included the study and meki comparision for sample of many species of fungi genes into melting the phosphate rock in the soil and it is action in the growth of the wheat plant by adding one level of phosphate rock (200 kg P2O5.h-1) and other two level of organic matters (0 and 1%) to clayley siltey in afield located at (Iraq-thiqar-dawaya city), then the soil was vaccinated with these species (Aspergillus; Penicillium; Cephalosporium ) beside that the expeniment inclucled mining these three species to gether, added to soil, planting wheat(Latifya sort)the duration of experiment continue until the flowering stage which was 60 days. The resulte showed there is no significant differences between the genera of fungi species except the quantity of total phosphere(absorbed phosphere after the end of experiment) which increase from 81.49mg. pot-1 in compare with 109.23,107.55,106.38,107.14 mg.pot-1 which result from the vaccination to species(Aspergillus; Penicillium; Cephalosporium ) respectively also the leight of plant and number of branchs was effected in the case of(Cephalosporium) and fungi min. The organic matter did not effect in phosphere supplying but their action was on total neady phosphere number of plant. In the call(mined fungi species and organic matter) the action was greater in phosphere snpplying, the vaccination with fungi species with organic matter mocke effect in the percent of solued phosphere of rock phosphere 36.61,37.69,36.56,41.46% in case of soil vaccination with species and treating the min of three species to getler wspeetively compared to case with out vaccination and organic matter which reach 11.57%.