Reality of Geographic Distribution of Health Services in Semawa City & its Effeciency in 2008


Abstract An individual's health is a fundamental objective of all human societies as an effective factor for the survival of a vital element of the individual is able to engage in productive economic activity and believes in the survival of the efficiency of social life and development and ensure that paper and the progress of society, who lives in the course. And that health planning is the organizational means to develop health care programs "preventive and treatment" at all levels and is an effective way to coordinate health services to achieve the objectives efficiently.Research coverage has included the theory of the mechanism the health system as the study included a review of the reality of the spatial distribution of population and health services and the extent of the distribution to all sectors of the city of Samawah, the study has included measurement of the adequacy of health services at the level of the revival of the city and the adequacy of the revival of the city, and the efficiency of the site and the spatial locations of health services based on planning standards and criteria of health Global evaluation of the quality of health services, said that one of the most important conclusions of the study is to describe the adequacy of health services and the extent of variation in efficiency at the level of neighborhoods