Animal Wealth Globalization (changes, Effect on the International Markets)


AbstractThe term extracted the term globalization emerging in the literature of political, economic and cultural because the concept of globalization has close ties to the economy and capital and this made a number of the book go to the fact that globalization means: mainstreaming of a model of western civilization .Could be considered being of the globalization of economies through rade and the flow of money, knowledge and ideas and the people. And globalization in the livestock sector clear in Greater international flows animal wealth and their products in addition to capital and the exchange of information and the spread of standards, which is becoming more stringent and changes in sectoral structures towards focus and integration. It is in this way may affect the work of the local markets animal wealth was clear from the study that globalization affected international flows animal wealth and their products in terms of the increasing volume of animal production in developing countries steadily since the early 1980s, both for domestic consumption or export. At the same time, the consumption of meat and dairy products in the world continued to rise as markets show animal wealth under globalization in three forms: a series of international markets include animal products from a country for spearheading to retailers and consumers in another country chains facility by means of direct foreign investments local markets affected by globalization.