Studying the Structural and Optical Properties of ZnO how Prepared by oxidation free quick hating


In this study we oxidation thin film of Zinc on glass substrate in 510oC and oxidation time (10,20,30)sec . we intrusion the Zinc by using thermal diffusion. we exchange oven by appliance heater. the result show possibility relatively zinc oxide without using oxygen gas or closed oven and relatively so fast .this path is applied in production industrially and for large quantity. spectral analysis and elements analysis EDX explicit conversion zinc to zinc oxid purity 99% in oxidation time 30 sec . X-Ray analysis show that zinc oxid have Crystal system in crystal planes (002) and (101) .and AFM analysis show average nano dimension is 61.37nm .the study of optical properties clarifies the conversion. the result of energy gap for allow direct transmission 3.22eV and the energy gap for forbidden transmission 3.18eV .