Relationship between Serum Estrogen, Magnesium and Body Mass Index in premature Ovarian Failure Women in Tikrit City/ Iraq .


This study was conducted to evaluate serum estrogen, magnesium level and body mass index of 30 women with premature ovarian failure and 30 women as control group attended to emergency department/ Tikrit teaching hospital in Tikrit City Their ages ranged between 40-48 years. The samples collection started from October /2012 till January /2013. The results showed that serum estrogen level of premature ovarian failure women was statistically significantly P ˂0.05 lower than in control group. Also the mean serum magnesium in premature ovarian failure women was significantly lower than in normal group p˂0.01 .This study showed that body mass index in patient women was significantly higher when compared with control group p˂0.05.