The effect of exercise (skill-tactical) scoring for the development of football for young players between the ages of accuracy (14-16 years)


The research aims to1.Prepare exercises (Mharrih- tactical) to develop a scoring accuracy.2.Identify the effect of exercise (Mharrih- tactical) scoring accuracy3.Identify the differences between the experimental and control groups in the post tests in the development of scoringWas identified research society of my players Samarra Club (junior category) way deliberate's (38) player was chosen (24) players at random from the research community and original exclusion (14) players who are (2) goalkeepers and 12 players were conducted experiment Expeditionary them, and so was the research sample the division (24) as a player and who represent the percentage (63.15%) out of the research community overall, to two groups according to the order of odd and even numbers and then determine the two groups (control and experimental) indiscriminate way (lottery) .And then process the data by using the ready-spss statistical program and found that there are effects of the exercises develop the scoring accuracy and shows the evolution of the experimental group is greater than the control group.