Factors associated with complications during pregnancy


Objective (s): To determine factors associated with the pregnancy complications (Maternal age, education, obstetrical history, gravidity, birth space interval, and smoking).Methodology: A cross-sectional study conducted at Al- washash & Bab-almoadham primary health care centers. The sample was (non probability convenient sample) which included (550) pregnant women. The study started from 1st April 2014 to 1st of April 2015. The data was collected by direct interview using special questionnaire to obtain socio-demographic information.Results: the result shows that mean age of the subjects was 26.5± 4.39 years, 57.8% were housewives, the sample included 103 premature uterine contractions, 98 pregnancy induced hypertension , 90 urinary tract infection , and 80 anemic . Analysis of results by logistic regression test shows that (maternal age , gravidity, gestational age , birth space interval , and smoking ) were significant factors associated with pregnancy complications.Recommendations: health education to all attending pregnant women in MCH centers about risk of complications during pregnancy.