Design a way to help and influence in the development of some types of scoring basketball


Of the major importance of skills in the game of basketball is the scoring, because winning depends on this game on the team that earns the greatest number of points, and defined the research problem in that there is weakness in the side of accuracy and performance of the skill of scoring with the young players aged (16-17) year students Sports Club, and the aim of the research to design a way to help to develop my skills scoring of jumping and stability (free-throw) basketball for young players and their impact, and was presumably the research that the means of assistance used a positive impact on the development of some types of scoring basketball and that there are significant differences were statistically significant between the post tests for the two experimental and control group and the experimental group., and identified research sample players young students Sports Club and hired researchers with some tools and equipment assistance to Aanthma in completing the search, as well as the use of appropriate tests to measure skills in question, and adopted the researchers curriculum prepared by coach, and through this approach the researchers proposed the introduction of means within the practical side in the training module, training curriculum took (8 weeks) starting from 01/20/2016 until 03/23/2016, and by (3) training units per week, and after the completion of the experiment the researchers used appropriate statistical methods to extract the results and then display tables, and that the most important conclusions reached by the researchers are: that the means of helping a positive role in increasing the correction jumping and fortitude of basketball for young players accuracy. And get good rates in the amount of evolution. The most important thing recommended by the researchers is: the use of the means proposed to assist in the development of my skills scoring consistency (free-throw) and scoring of jumping basketball for young players and the need for the use of devices and aids through the educational and training process to ensure the diversity of experiences of the player.