Synthesis and Studies Pd(II)-NHC complexes with thiosaccharinate, saccharinate or benzothiazolinate ligands


Three cis-chelating di-N-heterocyclic carbene palladium(II) complexes [Pd(X)2(di- NHC)] (X= tsac, sac and bit) tsac= thiosaccharinate, sac= saccharinate, bit= benzisothiazolinate, bearing different anionic co-ligand was synthesized and characterized. A series of palladium(II) complexes (2-5) bearing cis-chelating homo-dicarbene ligand with varying propylene-bridged (C3) and N-heterocyclic backbones (imidazole) have been synthesized by reaction of [Pd(OAc)2] with the respective diazolium bromides in DMSO, have been prepared and characterized by elemental analysis, infrared spectra and 1H NMR. These compounds are all stabilized in the sold state. The bidentate (diNHC) ligand together with two N-coordenated sac , bit and two S-coordenated tsac ligand, from the square planar coordination geometry around the palladium(II) ion