Translation mechanism for some synonym sentence in Arabic language


Natural languages process (NLP) is one of the computer science fields and linguistics which was commenced as a branch of Artificial Intelligence which is divergent from information technology so that compiling texts in general and interpretation in peculiar are deemed a requirements of current era so that the importance of interpretation is merged in exchanging information via internets and the need for which especially in the political or economical conferences and has the importance in covering international events. The study is divided by two parts; the formative or figurative theories Which have theoretical principals and directives of deep theories combining it and the translation theories are differed in its views even if it is shown in one format in seeing it aiming to find solution for main problem ; that is , the presence of a lot of ambitious in regards to the variation of anonyms in Arabic Language and to benefited in solving Matters pertaining the relation so the translated text and origin as well as quality of translation. This present study provides sample of automatic translation represented by some anonyms as it is consisted from main parts: analytical part, part of dictionary and generating part of the anonymsSentence of the original sentence and generating part of translation of sentences form Arabic and English. Also, the research including usage of semantics theories and methods and applying it on Arab sentence of these anonyms to identify the extent of efficiency of these theories and methods in describing Arab sentence semantic accurately in accordance with the context.