Human characteristics effect on increasing air pollution in Al-Qhadissiyah governorate


That air pollution is one of the most serious problems facing the man in his daily life, which caused him great harm, especially when exceeded critical limits for air pollutants, and is dangerous air pollutants in being spread rapidly and in large quantities in the layer of the lower atmosphere (the class that lives by humans.(The study shows the impact of human characteristics in the increase of air pollutants as the increase in the number of the population and increase the number of cars and their key role in the increase of air pollution, including emissions of gases and minutes working on increasing pollution, as well as industrial activity as the industry is a major source of pollution and different industries including subtract from contaminated materials from industrial production processes and what the different industries in the study area from the impact of an increase in pollutants, as well as the preparation and the quantities of waste generators in the region, where these properties are working to increase air pollutants in the study area.