Determination of Uranium concentration, Radium content and Radon Exhalations Rates in soil samples for Some Regions in Lebanon


In this study provides measurement of uranium concentration, radium content and radon exhalations rates in the sixteen soil samples collected from surface soil for some regions in Lebanon. Measurements were made, using long-term technique for alpha particles emission with solid state nuclear track detector type CR-39. The uranium concentration varies from 0.131 ppm to 6.772 ppm with mean values of 1.467 ppm. While, the values of effective radium content (226Ra) are found to vary from 0.096 Bq /kg to 4.982 Bq /kg with mean values of 1.079 Bq/kg. Also, the values of mass exhalation rates of radon vary from 0.68×〖10〗^(-8) Bq /kg. sec to 34.97×〖10〗^(-8) Bq /kg.sec with a mean value of 〖7.58×10〗^(-8)Bq/ kg.sec, while the surface exhalation rates vary from 1.40×〖10〗^(-7) Bq/m2.sec to 72.69×〖10〗^(-7) Bq/m2.sec with a mean value of 15.74×〖10〗^(-7) Bq/m2.sec. The values of radon exhalation rates and radium content are found less than the world average value; also the values of uranium concentrations in soil samples of these areas are close than the values reported by many researchers